Champions League Final 2013 Text Commentary (via

The German champions are now the European champions! Arjen Robben, one of the villains of last year’s final, wins the Champions League for the Bavarians in the 88th minute. The two best side’s of this years competition went toe-to-toe, and the team in red are victorious. Jurgen Klopp’s men have to be admired too, they were fantastic tonight and could easily have had their name on the trophy too.FULL TIME. BAYERN WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!
90 +4 – substitution Substitution Out Mario Mandzukic Substitution In Mario Gomez
90 +2 – substitution Substitution Out Sven Bender Substitution In Nuri Sahin
90 +2 – Jurgen Klopp looks absolutely crestfallen! He looks as if he is going to burst into tears!
90 +1 – substitution Substitution Out Jakub Blaszczykowski Substitution In Julian Schieber
90 +1 – substitution Substitution Out Franck Ribéry Substitution In Luiz Gustavo Dias

90 +1 – Both sides make a change as Ribery is replaced by Luis Gustavo and Kuba is replaced by Julian Schieber. Unlikely to make a difference now!

90 – Absolute heartbreak for Dortmund! They’ve been undone by a late, late strike!

89 – goal GOAL Arjen Robben
GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR BAYERN MUNICH! THEY’VE WON IT!!! Arjen Robben breaks the Dortmund offside trap and receives a scrappy ball to feet before squeezing a left-footed shot past the oncoming Weidenfeller! 2-1!!!!

88 – Two minutes remaining now, do we have a hero out there?

86 – SCHWEINSTEIGER!!! Great save again from Weidenfeller! Lahm reverses a cross to the edge of the box for his team-mate, who fizzes a strike at goal, but the Dortmund goalkeeper beats the ball away to the right-hand side!

85 – It does appear though as if both teams are settling for another 30 minutes here. After the blistering pace of the game in which the goals were scored, the tempo has dropped slightly.

84 – The longer the game goes on the more nervous you fell Bayern are going to get. There’s no way they would want extra time and penalties after last year’s heartache against Chelsea at the Allianz.

83 – Daft from Robben. The Dutchman takes Gundogan on one-on-one and gets the ball by him, but stupidly pulls the German’s shirt to gain an advantage. He was through on goal, but the ref rightly gives the free kick to Dortmund.

82 – Poor from Schweinsteiger. The corner kick is floated in and Weidenfeller clears the ball to the edge of the box with a punch. The Bayern man latches on to the loose ball and hits a strike on the volley, but it goes way over the bar.

81 – Great defending from Piszczek. Lahm gets to the byline and stands a cross up to the back post for Mandzukic. The Croatian looks poised to head at goal but he is foiled by the Pole, who turns the ball out for a corner.

80 – 10 minutes to go in the Champions League final. Both sides are noted for scoring late goals in matches. Are we to have a grandstand finish at Wembley?

79 – Hesitation from Piszczek nearly allows Bayern in down the left-hand side, but Subotic is on hand to clear high up the park away from danger. Klopp must have had his heart in his mouth there.

78 – The incredible speed of the match stops dead as Alaba is down injured. Bayern’s left-back appeared to be trampled on the calf by Lewandowski. Naughty naught. The Pole is probably lucky not to escape a booking for that one.

77 – What a Champions League final we have here! Both sides going all-out for the win!

76 – A real chance for Bayern goes begging! Muller runs through on goal with Hummels giving him close attention. The 23-year-old goes down before bundling a pass to Mandzukic, who hits the sidenetting. Muller is adamant he should have had a penalty!

75 – DAVID ALABA!!! WHAT A SAVE FROM WEIDENFELLER!! The Austrian receives a bobbling ball on the outside of the box and rifles a shot at goal! It looks top corner bound but the Dortmund ‘keeper stretches out a palm to tip over the bar!!

74  – yellow_card Kevin Großkreutz
74 – yellow_card Franck Ribéry

74 – GOOOOAAAAAL FOR DORTMUND! WAIT! NO! REFEREE HAS BLOWN HIS WHISTLE!! Lewandowski hits a screamer of a volley from 35 yards into the top corner but the whistle had already gone for handball! What a shame, that was a sensational strike!

73 – What a game we have now folks! Who else wants extra time and 30 more minutes of this?!

72 – Incredible!! Robben could probably have finished at the back post, but Subotic wanted it more! Unbelievable defending!

71 – SUBOTIC CLEARS OFF THE LINE!! SENSATIONAL DEFENDING!! Muller rounds Weidenfeller and slides a shot at goal! It looks destined to go in but the Serbian sprints back and slides the ball away at the last minute!

70 – HUMMELS!!! OHHH THAT WAS WASTEFUL!! Kuba bursts down the right-hand side and reverses back inside for his team-mate who blasts his shot over the bar from the edge of the box!

69 – Dortmund counterattack basically straight from Bayern’s kick off!

68 –  penalty_goal PENALTY GOAL Ilkay Gündogan
GOOOOOAAAAAL!!! GOOOOAAAAAL!!! GOOOOAAAALL!!! Wembley erupts as Gundogan dispatches the penalty kick into the bottom right corner! 1-1! GAME ON.

67 – Dante has already been booked, but the referee bottles sending him off! That was a definite second yellow card! Gundogan will hit the penalty!

66 – PENALTY TO DORTMUND!!! Dante looks to clear the ball but sticks his studs straight into the stomach of Reus! Spotkick time!

65 – Having said that, Dortmund are also especially dangerous on the counterattack. Something has to give!

64 – The game is getting very stretched now. Dortmund obviously need to press harder for a goal now, but as a result, there is more space being created in their own half. They’ll need to be careful, we all know how deadly Bayern can be on the counterattack. Just ask Barcelona.

63 – That was some challenge by Hummels!! The Dortmund man takes Ribery completely out the game with a shoulder barge, and the Frenchman, predictably, is taking a moment to recover as he lays down on the pitch. What a collision that was!

62 – Agonising for Schmelzer too! The left-back tried in vain to clear the ball off the line, but couldn’t sort out his balance!

61 – Subotic vitally stepped out at the wrong moment in the lead up to that goal, which allowed Robben to drift in behind. The Serbian and Hummels have been superb at the back tonight, but one small mistake has cost them!

60 – ASSISST Arjen Robben

60 –  goal GOAL Mario Mandzukic
GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR BAYERN MUNICH!!! THE BAVARIANS LEAD THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!! Robben gets in behind the defence and bursts to the byline before reversing a cross to the back post! Mandzukic is on hand to bundle the ball home! 1-0!

58 – That was a real chance for Bayern!

57 – MANDZUKIC!! A corner kick is floated in and the Croatian breaks away at the back post before heading at goal! No much power in it though, and Weidenfeller gratefully saves!

56 – Boateng is the latest player to go down with a minor injury. There has been a lot of petty fouls in the last few minutes, which is disturbing the flow of Dortmund’s attack. Perhaps a ploy by Bayern to turn the tide?

55 – Brilliant defending by Hummels. Ribery collects the ball on the left and looks to take on the former Bayern defender by bursting into the box, but the German shows strength and grit to claw the ball away. No wonder he’s on Barcelona’s radar.

54 – Well, the second period has started off with the same formula as the first. Dortmund pressing high up the park and retaining possession well. Bayern, not so much. You would have thought Heynckes would have gave them a rollicking at half time.

53 – And he’s getting involved in the action now. Mandzuikc goes in very late on Schmelzer and unceremoniously barges the Dortmund man over. A little frustration being shown by the Bayern man perhaps?

52 – Speaking of Mandzukic, the Croatian had that one chance in the first half with a header, but has been fairly quiet otherwise. He can pop up with a goal anytime though.

51 – Reus looks to gallop through the middle with his tremendous pace but Lahm does well to keep up with the 23-year-old, and eventually sees the ball back through to Neuer, who thumps the ball up top for Mandzukic.

50 – Not so good this time. The same duo look to link-up in the same way as before but this time Reus plays a one-two straight out of the park. The former Gladbach man is just floating around up top trying to receive possession anywhere he can get it.

49 – Piszczek and Reus link-up wonderfully down the right-hand side but the Pole eventually slips which allows Javi Martinez to put out the fire and reclaim the ball for the Bavarians. Good play from Dortmund, though.

48 – Set-piece chance for Dortmund, midway through the Bayern half. Reus clips the free kick into the box and the ball is put up high into the air, but the ever-commanding Neuer comes to to claim.
47 – Dortmund start well again. Their has been an air of confidence about their passing tonight, and they are continuing the trend at the start of the second half. Bayern camped in their own half at the moment.
46 – We are back under way at Wembley!
Interestingly, though, both sides have seven shots a-piece. Dortmund with more shots on target, however.
If Bayern go on to win this, Dortmund will surely look back on that half with regret. They were on top for the vast majority of the opening 45 minutes but couldn’t get the ball in the net. You get the feeling it may be different in the second period. We shall see!
A brilliant half of football comes to a close as we enter the break at 0-0. Manuel Neuer and Roman Weidenfeller have been the pick of the punch so far, and have bailed there side’s out with a string of superb saves. The best chances have fell to Robben and Lewandowski, but alas we have no goals. Dortmund have been by far the better side, but nothing to show for it.
Half time in Wembley.
44 – It’s certainly heating up out there! You don’t want the match to end!
43 – Poor pass from Muller! He picks up the ball in a great position just outside the box but his all out wide to Robben goes woefully behind the post.
41 – Mistake from Hummels!! That could have been so, so vital! The German allows Robben to run in behind and the Dutchman fires a volley at goal, but the oncoming Weidenfeller once again makes a solid save! He’s had his chances!
38 – Schmelzer is currently down with an injury after being bulldozed by Thomas Muller. Shades of the German’s incognito block on Jordi Alba’s for Robben’s goal against Barcelona in the semi-final.
37 – Cracking, end-to-end stuff at the moment! Both sides are looking more and more likely to score, but the ‘keepers are on top currently. Who’ll strike the first blow?
36 – Ohhh that was a chance for Muller!! The 23-year-old meets a corner kick inside the box and glances a header just wide, but he had plenty of time, and should have done better!
35 – Neuer has been the best player on the park so far, which tells you a lot about how this game has went in the first half. Weidenfeller has pulled off a couple of great saves too, though.
34 – Neuer to the rescue again!! Lewandowski breaks the Bayern offside trap and bursts towards goal! He looks to smash the ball under the oncoming ‘keeper, but the German manages to make the save! Again!
33 – Really wasteful from Schweinsteiger. Bayern have a great opportunity to swing a ball into the box from a free kick but Bayern’s vice-captain floats the set-piece straight out of the park. He knows himself that was poor.
32 – I think everyone expected goals from this match, but Champions League finals are usually fairly slow in the first half. As the game progresses, there is bound to be an influx of chances. But for who?
31 – Bayern are just beginning to make their way back into the match now. Hummels and Subotic have moved much deeper into their own half, which is allowing Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez more time and space on the ball.
30 – Robben kicks the advertising board in frustration! He, and everyone else, knows that was a golden opportunity! The best of the match so far!
29 – Weidenfeller the hero for Dortmund!! Schmelzer gets caught up the field and Robben drives through on goal. The Dutchman looks to dink the ball over the oncoming ‘keeper, who manages to make a strong save with his chest!
29 – yellow_card Dante
28 – First booking of the match goes to Dante. The Brazilian goes in late on Lewandowski and rightly earns his team’s opening yellow card.
27 – Dortmund must be very wary of situations like that. Bayern have a tall team, and can be deadly from set-pieces.
26 – Bayern almost score from the corner!! The set-piece is floated in and Javi Martinez rises above everyone to head at goal, but his attempt goes just over the bar!
25 – MANDZUKIC!!! Bayern almost steal the lead! A superb cross comes in from the left and the Croatian bullets a header towards goal, that is wonderfully tipped over by Weidenfeller!
24 – Due to Bayern’s dominance of the Bundesliga this season, they have entered the match tonight as favourites, but Dortmund look to be prospering from their ‘underdogs’ tag.
23 – Halfway through the first half, and it’s been a pretty surprising opening to the match at Wembley. Dortmund dominating possession, and Bayern haven’t got out of the blocks yet.
22 – BENDER!!! Decent attempt! The Dortmund man picks up possession just outside the box and curls an attempt to the far post, but Neuer was equal to it, and easily collects.
19 – Poor from Reus. Once again his corner fails to clear the first man at the front post. That’s a few times that’s happened, and you can’t afford to be wasteful in a Champions League final.
18 – Once again Neuer is forced into a save!! Reus displays his blistering pace through the middle and lashes a left-footed strike at goal, but the German ‘keeper palms the ball out for a corner. He’s not been given a lot of help from his defence at the moment.
17 – A small break in play at the moment as Ribery is currently down. The Frenchman took a clearance from Piszczek right on the stomach and looks to be winded. He’ll be fine I’m sure.
16 – Bayern finally manage to retain possession in the Dortmund half for a little while. Robeen and Ribery have just moved in slightly narrower, and are showing for the ball more. Let’s see if they can make anything from it.
15 – Dortmund are really probing for the opening goal here! And on the balance of play they probably deserve it!
14 – Blaszczykowski!!! Neuer saves Bayern again!! This time the ball is curled into the box and the Dortmund man hits a snapshot towards the near post, but once again the Bayern ‘keeper is on hand to turn the attempt round the post!
13 – LEWANDOWSKI!!! really unlucky! The Pole whips a shot at goal from nowhere and Neuer needs to stretch up and tip the ball over the top of the bar! That was top corner bound! Great save!
12 – Very nearly for Lewandowski! He initially does brilliant to shake off the challenge of Boateng down the left, but eventually takes a heavy touch and the ball goes out for a Bayern goal kick.
11 –  KUBA!! One of the first shots on goal comes from the Dortmund man. He receives possession just outside the box on the right channel and smashes a strike on the half-volley towards goal, but Neuer sees it comfortably over the bar. That was never really threatening the Bayern goal, but it was a decent attempt.
10 – The ball comes to Lewandowski again up top as the Pole looks to collect with his back to goal, but once again a poor touch lets him down, allowing Boateng to clear. That’s happened a few times so far.
9 – It really is attack versus defence at the moment. Subotic and Hummels have made their way all the way up to the half way line and are looking pretty comfortable at the moment. Bayern struggling to break out.
8 – Both ends of the stadium are absolutely rocking, as you would imagine! Only one set of fans will leave Wembley in the same mood, though!
7 – Great defending from Piszczek. Neuer sends a sensational throw up the park and Ribery looks to drive towards the Dortmund goal, but the Pole was on hand to keep up pace with the Bayern man and play the ball back to Weidenfeller. He receives an appreciative round of applause from the fans in yellow.
6 – Absolutely crunching challenge from Schweinsteiger. Bayern’s vice captain goes in very hard on Kuba down the right-hand side. Dortmund get the free kick, but there’s no yellow card for the midfielder.
5 – Bright start from Dortmund. Jurgen Klopp’s men have had Bayern basically camped in their own half in the early stages. Perhaps some early jitters from Bayern?
4 – Gundogan lobs a pass into the chest of Lewandowski, but the Pole struggles to retain possession, which allows Dante to nick in and steal the ball. That is definitely going to be an interesting duel tonight. Keep an eye out for it.
3 – A lot has been said this season about the tremendous work rate of Ribery and Robben down those flanks, and it appears they are looking to continue the trend tonight. We are only a few minutes in and both have won the ball back deep in their own half.
2 – Thomas Muller is already getting in about the action. The Bayern man showed his strength to get beyond Subotic at the back post but the Serbian manages to usher the ball back into the hands of Weidenfeller.
1 – Here we go! We are under way at Wembley!

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